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On Sex: ‘The Dangerous Bride,’ by Lee Kofman and Kirsty Eagar’s ‘Summer Skin’

Two very different books. Two very different genres. Two very different writers. Two very different target audiences. But at the heart of both – sex. More specifically, sex within the context of a relationship, but also outside of that context. In The Dangerous Bride, we meet Lee Kofman in a Melbourne fetish club on the night before her wedding, kissing…

Meet Christopher Currie, author of ‘Clancy of the Undertow’

Teenagers are so hard to buy for. Right? Well, I might just have solved at least one of your gift shopping issues for this Christmas. ‘Clancy of the Undertow’ is a brilliant piece of contemporary realist fiction (ie set in the here and now) which would be perfect for any girl (or nuanced boy) aged 15+. You can read more…

MEET THE AUTHOR: Trinity Doyle, author of ‘Pieces of Sky’

Thanks to this blog, I’ve recently diversified my reading habits to include genres and titles I wouldn’t normally pick up, like young adult fiction. What a revelation! Re-visiting your teenage self is both an exhilarating and confronting experience – which pretty much sums up the reaction I had to Trinity Doyle’s Pieces of Sky (read the review here). So, I’m absolutely…

REVIEW: ‘Pieces of Sky’, by Trinity Doyle

pieces-of-skyIN BRIEF:

Suitable for teens 15+, this is the coming-of-age story of Lucy Taylor – a 16 year old whose world is turned upside down when her brother drowns in a surfing accident.