Book Club Questions

Here are some ideas to get your discussion started…

  1. Food plays a big role in cementing the friendship between Beth, Cara and Alex. In your experience, are female friendships based on common interests, or values, or chemistry?
  2. Which of the three main characters did you most relate to, and why?

  3. ‘Mother-guilt’ is explored in different ways through each main character. Why do you think it’s such a common emotion for parents, mothers especially, to experience?

  4. Alex in particular struggles with the notion of ‘work-life’ balance. Do you think such a thing exists? How can it be achieved?

  5. What are your views on the ‘wellness’ industry and the rise of ‘celebrity’ lifestyle gurus? Is it more helpful or harmful?

  6. ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,’ goes the saying. How is this born out in Cuthbert Close?

  7. How well do you know your neighbours? Did this book make you feel differently about them?