the foggy foggy forestIN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS:

Proving the smartest ideas are often the simplest, this picture book is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for boys and girls aged 1-5.

The idea:

Have you heard of ‘vellum paper’? Neither had I until I read The Foggy Foggy Forest. This book is made of this stuff, which means is essentially transparent until printed on, kind of like tracing paper.

Anyway, Nick Sharratt has used it to great effect. On each page, there’s a silhouette image, and the question is posed – who can that be in the foggy, foggy forest? Have a guess from the shape, then turn the page and find out.

The witty answers are delivered in rhyme (An ogre doing yoga!) which the kids adore, and find easy to learn. Soon, they’ll be shouting back the answers at you. Great fun all round.

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