the very cranky bearIN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS:

It’s not easy to find sensitive picture books which are suitable for boys. This is that book.

Who it’s for:

Boys and girls aged 2-5 will love this.

The Plot:

Four friends – Zebra, Lion, Moose and Plain Sheep – have a dilemma. It’s raining in the Jingle Jangle Jungle – and the only shelter is a cave inhabited by a very cranky bear.

How can they make him happy?

Each one of them has a try – but it is the thoughtful Plain Sheep who comes up with the solution, proving that thoughtfulness is the way to make people happy.

Why you need this on your bookshelf:

While we live in an age of gender-awareness, it’s probably fair to say that most children’s pictures about emotions and feelings, love and friendship, tend to target little girls.

This is what makes The Very Cranky Bear such a refreshing change.

It’s a book for both genders.

Boys and girls will find humour in this lively and engaging story, but they’ll also be exposed to a gentle message about thoughtfulness and empathy – to make other people happy, we have to put ourselves in their shoes.

In addition, the pictures are vibrant, and the paper is glossy. And it’s a super-quick read.


For some terrific teacher’s notes about The Very Cranky Bear, click here. This link also has some great information about how the book was written – wonderful for any aspiring picture book writers.

To buy the book, go to Booktopia or Angus and Robertson