You cannot imagine my delight when award-winning Tasmanian author, Danielle Wood, agreed to be Book Birdy’s inaugural author interviewee!  I adored her latest work, Mothers Grimm, in which she twists up traditional fairy tales into darkly funny stories of contemporary motherhood. Happily, the lady is as funny in interview as she is in fiction. What gave you the idea to…

REVIEW: ‘This House of Grief’ by Helen Garner

this house of griefIN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS:

This is more than the haunting tale of a terrible crime against children, it is a powerful study of human character and identity that addresses life’s biggest question – where does meaning lie?

Choosing Books for Babies: Five Top Tips

It goes without saying – a book is the BEST gift for a child of any age, but particularly for babies. ‘But they won’t understand the story,’ you say. Doesn’t matter. At some point, they will. And the sooner you start reading, the sooner they’ll understand. So, what are the best books? The good news is – there’s an array…